Toca Hair Salon 2 – follow-up of the popular hairdresser app for kids

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best apps for kids - Toca Hair Salon 2

The brand new follow-up of the fantastic and most popular app: Toca Hair Salon, has been released on the AppStore just recently.
New customers are waiting to have a new hairdo or new haircut.
Brand new hair dressing equipment is available for kids to experiment with.
Find out whether Toca Boca is able to tie on to the first hairdressing kids app below.

best apps for kids - Toca Hair Salon 2

best apps for kids - Toca Hair Salon 2

For those who know the first Toca Hair Salon app, will have absolutely no problem playing the new version, the app has a user- and child-friendly interface.
As in the first game, there are four customers again, who are willing to have any hairdo done to them, so kids can quite frankly experiment as much as they want to with some really good new special equipment and colours. There’s even an open razor available now. In the first version there is the funny electrical razor, where you can shave the hair down to it’s stubbles, but you could never really shave them all off comletely. Well, with Toca Hair Salon 2 you can make them half or fully bold.

Besides this, there is also a curler, a curling iron and curling tongs available to make the characters have fantastically shaped curly hair. This update is one of the most wanted feature by kids, but even adults have fun with this great new expansion.

best apps for kids - Toca Hair Salon 2

best apps for kids - Toca Hair Salon 2

best apps for kids - Toca Hair Salon 2

The Swedish app developers Toca Boca stand for their oustanding kids-apps and their fair app development especially for kids. All games can be played freely without any specific aims, goals or rules. These kids apps are mainly for fun, entertainment and creativity without any standards.

best apps for kids - Toca Hair Salon 2

It is just incredibly fun to style customers hair and experiment to the full with their hair, no matter if it’s short or long and even if they pull some ocassional funny faces, they still never really complain – great!
They do however, let the kids now if they are pleased with their style or not via noises and facial expressions.
Of course it is also fun to tease the customer a little bit.

You can also give your style a perfect finish with some beautiful hair accessories. Some of your most beautiful styles can be saved on your iDevice via screenshots.

Even though the new edition and new features are limited, it is also worth purchasing this app for kids. Kids love to switch from one Toca Boca app to another and are also happy to explore the new edition and it’s new equipments.

We love this app and think it’s a fantasic new way for kids to be creative whilst having tons of fun experimenting and exploring.

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kids app developer: Toca Boca AB
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