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Toca Robot is a classic kids app for the iPad and iPhone and has been produced by Toca Boca. Long before they had published the bestseller app Toca Hair 2, they produced a fantastic robot workshop app for toddlers and pre-school kids, which surely hasn’t lost it’s charms at all.

Kids can design and build their own robots out of a huge fund of robot parts and pieces from the robot lab. The construction of the robot is separated into three phases, so that toddlers and younger children can play with this app too. Basically, kids choose a head, arms and legs to go with the body.

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best apps for kids - Toca Robot (19)Constructing a robot is not all kids can do, they can take their robots on a test flight and see how it flies – how amazing! The navigation of this app is also very simple and and suitable for younger children and toddlers. Wherever the finger is going, that’s where the robot is going too. If the robot crosses some boxes or other obstacles, they will simply get pushed and knocked over by the robot. The aim of this game is to find the big escape magnet at the end of the level, however before reaching the magnet, kids have the opportunity to collect three stars on the way.

best apps for kids - Toca Robot (21)Even if the levels are kept really simple and small, there are some little game elements in this app, which kids and adults may know from other iPad and iPhone games.
The boxes are not always as they seem or used as decoration only, instead they can be moved or turned over by clashing into them. Sometimes they even need to get moved out of the way, in order to get to the entrance of the game.

We even found a secret part of the game in one of the levels, which wasn’t a huge surprise, but which brings kids to be able to experience other game elements, which they might find in many other games too.

Even if Toca Robot has been designed especially for toddlers, younger children of the ages of 4+ will still love to play with this app too. As all Toca Boca apps have been designed with a lot of affection and style, Toca Robot is definitely one of those fantastically designed game apps for children, which parents know how to value but also kids treasure them too.
This app is an extraordinary robot app for kids, providing there are any other alternative robot apps for kids available on the App Store.

Top best apps for kids rating: 5 stars

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