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The Pou app has to be one of the most popular apps on the App Store, which is also constantly in the charts of the iTunes Store, and on top of that it has also been the no.1 app for ages.
Well, we have taken a closer look at this app and tested it several days, as Pou is a sort of a strange Alien-like pet in app format.

It kind of reminds us of the 90’s, when almost everybody had a Tamagotchi, where you had to take care of a digital pet. What seemed to be a popular toy with the size of a normal keychain, is now a similar kind of kids app, which has over 1900 ratings on the App Store (if we can trust these), it looks like this app is averagely worth 4 stars.

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Well, it looks like the little Pou really does have a good reason to smile, considering that he has been the No.1 iPad and iPhone game in the charts, but has also received over 1000x  5 star ratings.
What Pou is all about? Well i guess we can safely use a quote from the iTunes description:

“Feed it, clean it, play with it and watch it grow up while leveling up and unlocking different wallpapers and outfits to satisfy your unique taste. How will YOU customize your POU? Start with 5000 coins!”

When having a look at the in-app purchases, you soon realise that you can spend just as much money on those,

best kids apps - Pou (7)as you may know from Freemium setup games – only that this Pou app is not for free, it actually costs $ 1.99 and is offered as a universal app for iPad and iPhone.

We usually ignore these kind of games, but there has to be something about this Pou that we need to find out.  So we took care of him and looked after him a few days. We’ll shorten the story: We never really experienced the sparkles of Pou, but we did kind of get why people do get obsessed with it.

Pou is not only a digital sketched pet, it also offers 8 games which are also suitable for children.

  • Pou game 1 – Food Drop: feed Pou with food and watch him grow
  • Pou game 2 – Sky Jump: Jump up to the sky with Pou as high as you can
  • Pou game 3 – Free Fall: Another game of skills in the sky

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  • Pou game 4 – Color Match: a match of 3 with interesting possibilities to move all of the rows
  • Pou game 5 – Sad Tap: Comfort all of the sad Pou’s
  • Pou game 6 – Pou Popper: A rather child-friendly Bubble shooter game, where the flight path is clearly marked! Great!

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The last two games can only be played with Pou friends which you can invite via e-mail, so they’re not really suitable for young children.

  • Pou game 7 –  a game of Tic Tac Toe
  • Pou game 8 – Four Pous: a game of connect four

best kids apps - Pou (27)Pou is a a fairly big and extensive game app, with various mixed games, some of which are similar to very popular casual games, like Doodle Jump, Tap the Frog or Bejeweld etc. On top of that we have the motivating Tamagotchi game which “Voila!” has made Pou become one of the most popular apps and a topseller!

The app should set a really good example for being on no.1 in the charts for so long, and should therefore offer a children’s mode, which allows parents to remove all in-app purchase and the sharing on facebook. The games as such are of course a lot of fun for kids, but the whole schmear is not very inviting.

Pou is only suitable for kids who know how to cope and handle in-app purchases and know the sharing button of facebook. Kids who are responsible enough to not mess around with these things.

By the way, the Android version of Pou is free – nevertheless, you do start off with 5000 gold coins if you get the iOS version though.

Top best apps for kids rating: 3 stars

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