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Lego releases new and free kids game apps on a regular basis for the iPad and iPhone. There are three Lego Ninjago apps on the App Store now already, including the one which we’ll introduce to you today. However, the new Ninjago app, does differ significantly from the previous other two Ninjago apps by Lego.

With “Lego Ninjago – the final Battle” are no more centrifugal fights in the Ninjago battle arena, but instead, kids will play a jump and fight game with lots of action.

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The new Lego Ninjago game is fast, confusing and takes some getting used to.
You look into the compact levels sideways, which only stretch out on a few screens. You’ll get the typical platforms which you see in other jump and run games, where you will need to set your Lego ninja against as many opponents as you can to defend yourself.
These appear in increasing strengths, at different points, always in greater numbers, which will inevitably lead to a game over sooner or later.

Check out our YouTube trailer for more information below:

Whilst you jump from one platform to the next, the opponent after you or even the other way around, you regularly change your character through collecting power-ups. Every Ninjago character has their own ability, which you will have to consider whilst the change is taking place during the game. Well, the game doesn’t really seem that new to us, as Lego has been getting their inspiration from another popular Casual game “Muffin Knight”, which kids also love to play.
Similar to the Muffin Knight, kids will collect experience points after every game, which will make your character stronger and more powerful. Also, new game worlds will be unlocked too.

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Top best apps for kids - Muffin Knight

Muffin Knight? We wanted to introduce you to this app separately, as this game is also a permanent guest in the App Store kids apps charts, even if a lot of apps rotate, which have not really been produced for kids. Muffin Knight is clearly an extensive, lucid and beautifully animated fairy tale like app, although the Lego Ninjago app has also got great graphics. So if you only want to rudimentarily purchase this sort of gameplay, you should invest $ 0.99 for Muffin Knight, as this app has got at least over 2500+ positive ratings on the App Store. Muffin Knight (iTunes).

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Lego Ninjago Kids app rating:

Neither the game nor the Lego Ninjago series is gonna hit everybody’s taste. It may seem a little too hectic, too martial and too confusing. Especially at this point, Lego has distanced itself from this point of (Muffin Knight) and rather uses the zoom more than the actual happening, so that you get easily surprised by oponents, which come at you from everywhere and all over.

In comparison to the previous Lego Ninjago apps, we do prefer this app a lot more!

Top best apps for kids rating: 3 stars

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Top best apps for kids - LEGO Ninjago game (14)

1. LEGO Ninjago app – Spinjitzu Scavenger Hunt (better)

2. LEGO Ninjago app – Rise of the Snakes (older)

With both of these apps, we feel either old with our 30s or maybe these games do seem a little difficult to understand. Is it the subject matter or the complicated Ninjago structure of the app? Probably both – these games are anything but beginner friendly and the tutorial is only available in English. If your children are able to dig their way around this app, then they will get our upmost respect. The settings of these Ninjago apps don’t excite us at all. Some of the tasks could be done well until recently, but only if you scan the barcode of the purchased Ninjago packs on the iPad and iPhone. Since the last update however, LEGO allowed to skip these missions.

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Top best apps for kids - LEGO Ninjago game (2)

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