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best apps for kids - Dr. Pandas Restaurant

There are many Dr. Panda apps available on the App Store, which we’ll all introduce to you soon, however, today we want to start off with our favourite Dr. Panda app: “Dr. Panda’s Restaurant”!
All kids are basically invited to cook for their animalistic guests.
Kids have the chance to take orders, cook by the given recipe and serve the dishes to their guests. This app is pure fun!
Kids get gently introduced to cooking, whilst having lots of fun playing little mini games and experimenting with all different kinds of foods, but also clearing away the dirty dishes and being responsible for their restaurant and all it brings along with it.

best apps for kids - Dr. Pandas Restaurant

best apps for kids - Dr. Pandas Restaurant The app’s structure is pretty interesting, as the actual restaurant doesn’t split into many different pages, where kids would normally flick through or skip through, the building is set up like a multi-storey building, where kids can scroll their way up or down into differently designed sceneries.
The Chef is welcoming his guests at the entrance at the bottom of the building. Kids will need to pick a free table for their guests and take them there. Kids will be quite busy actually, as there is plenty to do, well, they don’t wanna keep their guests waiting do they? Each guests can choose and order one out of 10 (!) different dishes – which is a big range to choose from! Those meals will need to be prepared with all sorts of kitchen utensils and different ingredients. The huge range of the activities for kids is enormous and simply awesome. Kids will experience fun whilst preparing and getting to know the process of cooking a meal.

best apps for kids - Dr. Pandas Restaurant

best apps for kids - Dr. Pandas Restaurant

If kids need to prepare and bake an apple cake, they’ll firstly need to peel the apple, then cut it into many small pieces. At the end, they get to decorate the dough with the apple slices and finally bake it in the oven. The cake get’s served to the guests, whilst still steaming deliciously and fresh out of the oven – it almost makes us want to eat it Smiley.

best apps for kids - Dr. Pandas Restaurant

best apps for kids - Dr. Pandas Restaurant

After the guests have eaten their delicious cakes, biscuits or pizzas etc. kids will also get confronted with the dishes, as they don’t seem to get washed by themselves.

best apps for kids - Dr. Pandas RestaurantThat way, kids will learn to wash the dirty dishes too.
Dr. Panda is so kind to pass the dirty dishes onto the kids, which makes it easier for them, as the new guests are already waiting to be served next.

That’s not all though, as the guests of the restaurant have produced a lot of waste, which needs to be taken care of…

Kids who are not yet familiar with recycling, will now learn how to do it properly. Whether it’s plastic, glas or organic, everything belongs in it’s very own container and certainly needs to be decently separated. This is extremely fun and entertaining for kids, especially when the waste bins are shaped as funny and cute bears. Those help kids to separate the waste by opening the correct mouth for whatever kind of waste (organic, plastic or glas) needs putting away.

best apps for kids - Dr. Pandas Restaurant

Dr. Panda’s Restaurant | Kids app review | rating

Dr. Panda’s Restaurant is a fantastic kids app in all respects and in every kind of way.
Even if we’d try to find something to grouse about, we just simply wouldn’t find anything!
The range and breadth of this app, the graphics, the sound, even the price is only $ 1.99, so therefore an outstandingly suitable app for children!

We’re also pretty sure that Dr. Panda’s Restaurant will also attract older children, even if it was designed for toddlers and preschool kids, they’ll all have fun playing with this goregeous and top best app for kids.

Top best apps for kids rating: “Editor’s Choice”

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