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Important notice! This kids app is no longer available on the App Store. You can however, check the download link at the bottom of this page, to whether the app is available again or back on the App Store.

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The Easter holiday are here soon and it is about time to introduce to you the fantastic FREE kids app: Doodle Jump Hop the Movie!

The Easter Bunny version of Doodle Jump is based on the kids and family movie HOP, which we would  also like to recommend to you, in case you haven’t seen it yet, it is a very funny and entertaining movie.
The starring role of the movie HOP is played by the Easter Bunny: Easter Bunny, also called E.B. Another famous actor: David Hasselhof is also playing a role in the movie HOP, this is also very funny and amusing, especially as we have grown up with Knight Rider and David Hasselhof tapes, we find this even more amusing. Don’t hassel the Hof! Check out the trailer below for the movie.

The Doodle Jump Hop app is free, however you can purchase one only in app purchase for $ 0.99, which we really want to recommend to you. You don’t only disable the ad-banners in the app, but also unlock many extras which makes this app so much more fun to play with. There are 25 Easter levels available in this kids app, where a big Easter egg is waiting for the kids to be discovered at the end of each level. The levels are surely a nice contrast to other plain endless levels, where you never really get to approach the end.

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With Doodle Jump Hop you basically jump up a photo-realistic setting of a cathedral with Easter bunny paintings, whilst approaching some cute and friendly chicks on the way up.
The so called Doodler of the original Doodle Jump, is also jumping alongside of the Easter Bunny. We haven’t yet managed to overtake him in the game, however we did manage to keep the same speed as him. At least the Doodler is friendly and won’t do you no harm, however the chicks aren’t as cute as they seem, as you’re not meant to touch them. You can protect and defend yourself with Easter Eggs, one touch on the iPad or iPhone is enough to shoot off the eggs.

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In case that you haven’t already purchased the original app Doodle Jump (iPad | iPhone | Android) Yes, the original Doodle Jump is also available for Android, we actually want to give you some clues on this game. After the last update, it is now possible to choose different Doddle jump levels without having to use a cheat, thereunder a Easter level, where the Doodle is dressed as a Easter bunny himself. If you want to use the Easter Bunny Hop in the original Doodle Jump game, you only need to enter the username “HOP” to start over the level. It’s best to purposely crash down the game, where the high score list appears straight afterwards and you simply enter the capital letters HOP.

The following screenshots will show you the level after the Doodle Jump Cheat:

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This cheat however, does not replace the actual Doodle Jump HOP movie app, as the games do differentiate by their graphics (cathedral versus checked paper).

This family game app is a good gameplay for all times of day and definitively worth a mention and recommendation on Top best apps for kids. We also want to recommend you the movie HOP too, especially for the Easter holidays, which will be here soon.
You can also download the children’s/family movie for your iPad or iPhone on iTunes.

Top best apps for kids rating: 3 stars

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