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best kids apps - Alphie squid octopus

Apple has just featured the game with the little octopus “Alphie” under “New and Remarkable”, although this hardly gives us any conclusions about the quality of the app, it does however arouse our curiosity for this app.

The little squid does look really cute, but the reference to in-app purchases made ​​us rather skeptical, especially as the app is being sold for 2.99 $ after all and should include all contents. Strangely enough, we never came across any in-app purchases whilst testing the app – which does leave us the question to why they refer to it on the App Store.

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Awesome underwater world

Kids navigate the little Alphie by simply using one finger only, whilst he embarks on a wondrous ocean journey from tidal pool, through coral reef and into the depths of the ocean. Alphie starts his adventure as a baby octopus with his octopus mommy, who you can play with in the first mission. The loving and caring Mommy squid shows her offspring how to go fish-hunting and how to avoid danger – simply adorable!

best kids apps - Alphie squid octopus

best kids apps - Alphie squid octopus

Eat, eat, eat and eat even more to grow

Alphie is basically a representative of the “Fish eat Fish” genre, in which the objective is to eat as much as possible without being eaten yourself. The octopus fish can skillfully grab with it’s tentacles and lead the food to it’s hidden mouth – which looks like a parrot’s beak. The liquid and very lively animations of the game characters are a real treat for the eyes.

best kids apps - Alphie squid octopus

The hunting is just as simple as the moving along, which is why even younger kids will have eaten the whole first level away.

The discovery of the underwater world is great fun. Somewhere in the deep is  a vortex hidden, which will lead you to the next level. Kids will see how successful they’ve completed the level by looking at the star rating at the end of each level.

Mommy gets eaten by a shark

Alphie has to experience the loss of his mother already in the second level, as the underwater world unfortunately doesn’t only offer love, peace and harmony, when his mommy gets eaten by a shark. The little guy gets even more sympathy of the players now that he is all by himself, which also captivates the players more to the game. We will now have to help Alphie become a large, strong octopus by getting him through each level, in this not entirely safe underwater world.

Hollywood style YouTube Trailer

Alphie Tips & Tricks

* Alphie can only leave a level if he’s reached a certain size.

* Fish eggs appear after a while in the same place and help you to achieve the required size.

* Some fishes are hidden in inaccessible places – Alphie can use his hypnosis ability here. Simply keep holding your finger on Alphie and the fishes will feel magically attracted to him.

* Alphie can squirt ink to distract the predator if he’s in danger. Nevertheless, you should try to make a runner, as the predator is only irritated for a short time.

* There are treasure chests and treasure fishes to discover.

* You can’t swim against the tidal flow.

best kids apps - Alphie squid octopus

Small underwater gallery

All sea creatures which you will meet throughout this game, are listed in the gallery, where you will also learn some important facts. This is really interesting to read. A nice extra to include in this kids app!

best kids apps - Alphie squid octopus

best kids apps - Alphie squid octopus

Alphie kids app rating!

The little squid is immediately loved by kids. It’s a surprisingly calm game, apart from one or the other threatening encounters from time to time. The underwater World has a sort of relaxing aquarium effect. Even if the game does have really nice music, we do prefer to play it without music and simply listen to the underwater sounds. Conclusion: A brilliant game for the whole family.

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(+) beautiful graphics
(+) classical music which perfectly suits the underwater world
(+)  Underwater Gallery


(?) Why are in-app purchases noted on the App Store? Will there be any in the near future?


(-) unsafe links to facebook, twitter

Top best apps for kids rating: 5 stars

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