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Hello App Developers!

Thank you for your interest in our kids app recommendations. In order to deal with the nume­rous amounts of app review requests from app developers, we offer a paid priority app review ser­viceand a wait­ing list for free app review requests.

Waiting list or Priority Service

  • For gua­ran­teed and prompt reviews, we recom­mend our App Mar­ke­ting Bundle 2, which also covers all Social Media Promo and a YouTube demo video.
  • If time doesn’t matter – you can fill in our waiting list form for free app review requests below (bottom right). Please note, that we can’t guarantee a free app review.

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Advantages for priority app reviews

  1. No mass processing – We spend time on testing your app thoroughly and extensively.
  2. At least 10 days on front page – Your apps will stay visible on the front page for at least 10 days.
  3. Permanent sales promotion – Your apps will permanently stay in our database. Your apps will be found via search, categories, and especially on Google.
  4. Meaningful and appropriate screen-shots – We have a knack for meaningful, advertising screen-shots, which we take and integrate ourselves.
  5. All reviewed apps will automatically participate in our editorial selection for “the best kids app of the year”, which we will introduce to our readers before Christmas.

Advantages for ad-banners

Even with the ad-banners we don’t do things by halves and significantly stand out from most other app portals:

  1. Ad-Blocker-protected – Modern web browsers can block advertisements – with us however, your adverts remain visible!
  2. No Rota­tion – Your banner doesn’t rotate with other banners.
  3. Best possible free position – Your banner will automatically move upwards, if a position above expires and therefore becomes available

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